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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is The Conservative Nutritionist?

Many facets of the American way of life have been decimated by left leaning political agendas. The rugged individual, can do, get it done spirit that once was the hallmark of all of us can now only be ascribed to some of us. Sadly the same policies that were intended to help have turned out to harm. Moreover they have become a threat to the ideals that made us great.

From the New Deal to the Great Society the benevolent hand of government has done more to pull us down as a nation than to lift us up. Social Security and welfare programs have robbed otherwise able American citizens of their can do spirit. Having no motivation to excel and succeed too many have elected to be among the homogenous average looking for the next social program savior.

Those examining the evidence of failed social programs are keenly aware of the aforementioned facts. Yet our government still infected with the same leftist mentalities has not learned from these failures. Rather than learn from them they forge ahead spreading their social program disease like warm butter over a hot roll. The latest front on the freedom assault is food and nutrition.

In a country established on the idea of individual liberty, a liberty purchased with the blood of fellow citizens, the notion that some leftist bureaucrat can tell us how much salt, fat or sugar to eat defies explanation. Furthermore the notion that we should fall in line with arbitrarily established nutrition guidelines set by the government is equally as maddening. Enter The Conservative Nutritionist a “right” perspective on food and nutrition.

The most important aspect of The Conservative Nutritionist is to provide a clearly stated and correct point of view on nutrition and food that will counter the leftist nutrition establishment. Because of the slow creep of nutrition liberalism that continues to be pushed on our fellow citizens a right voice was need and thus “The Conservative Nutritionist” was born.

Now voice will be given to the fact that government established guidelines are often just wrong. For example the Body Mass Index (BMI) used to gauge risks associated with health based on a ratio of height and weight are routinely incorrect. A BMI of 20-24 is said to indicate optimal health yet studies show that those with a BMI of up to 35 are at no greater risk of early mortality. Since that is true then why does the government promote weight loss for good health? It is apparent that health is achievable at many sizes.

The Conservative Nutritionist will also promote the cause of true science. No longer should we look to so called experts claiming superior knowledge based only on their PhD. Science has unfortunately become the strivings of the academic world to make credible their own bias rather than to seek and verify the truth. How often have conservative minded people been panned by the elitists for ignoring the obvious as presented by science? The truth is that the left have been the ones guilty of this ignoring even their own findings that disprove what they believe. This is observed nowhere more vividly than in the arena of food and nutrition.

The Conservative Nutritionist will assist you in threading together the right principles of nutrition and health with the precious liberties afforded us in the still great country. For far too long we have been led to believe that what we ate and how we lived were wrong and leading to our demise. Therefore what you read may be difficult to swallow at first. Certainly though we must exercise the time honored tenet of moderation when it comes to what and how we eat. By the same token we should not allow any left leaning control freak government agent to make decisions for us.

If our Constitution guarantees that we can speak freely, worship, carry a gun and vote then does it not assure the right to eat how we choose? The same can do attitude that forged this land and set it on the path to being the greatest single nation ever established in history can be won back with the same spirit. The Conservative Nutritionist will play a part in that effort.

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  1. Joe, great job on this blog! So very needed. There is no doubt that nutrition and health government generated and imposed standards are some of the most blatant infringements on our individual freedoms. I often say that even soviet and eastern european communist leaders never had that much lack of common sense!!!
    I do want to point out however that even though BMI standards are inaccurate in estimating body fatness or predicting individual health risk it is very accurate when predicting health risk of a population. That is what studies are showing. So, as nutrition professionals it is our responsibility to advise individuals from the proper perspective by utilizing these tools with some hefty smothering of common sense regarding their health and wellbeing.