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Thursday, June 30, 2011

So this is Freedom?

Freedom is our most treasured national asset is also the most expensive. Since that hot summer day in Philadelphia 1776 thousands have given their lives to pay freedom’s toll. Yet not all of the founder’s generation sought a break from Great Britain. Many were content to live out their days in subjection to the British crown. Fortunately the voice of the patriots prevailed over that of the pacifists

One of the major tipping points leading to the Declaration of Independence was over tea. One of the colonist gastronomic pleasures the British Parliament surmised that rather than deny themselves this daily indulgence they would pay the tax. Rather than subject themselves further to authoritarian rule the patriots engaged in revolution. Thankfully they prevailed and our freedom was won. That freedom however is still in need of defending.

Today an increasingly authoritarian government is using food as a means to gain control over we the people. Rules and regulations on the amount of fat, salt and sugar are eerily akin to the tax on tea. Though these new rules are enacted to ostensibly protect our health they are nonetheless the unwelcome talons of a far over reaching bureaucracy. As our founders thought it worthy to oppose such tyranny so must we.

In this current front in the defense of freedom perhaps our current leaders would do well to remember the freedoms afforded us in the Declaration of Independence celebrated this July 4th. That document reminds us that our freedom is seated in Heaven not Washington DC and that it comes from God not our member of congress or the president. Furthermore they should remember that their role is to protect these liberties not impede them.

Undoubtedly there are those of our own generation who would prefer to live their lives as subjects. Their safety and security from the benevolent hand of government is preferred more that their right to liberty and freedom. Through the lens of history it is clear that there have long been people of like mind. Let us hope that today those who value freedom as our founding patriots did will prevail over the pacifists and oppression.

It may seem trite to argue that freedom is eroding because we are warned against too much salt and sugar. Yet if we don’t have the right to eat what we want are we really free? If I cannot decide for myself what to eat without government warnings and bureaucratic bullying then I am convinced freedom as expressed in the Declaration of Independence is vanishing from our land.

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