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Saturday, August 27, 2011

99 Ways To Live To 100!

Recently someone shared these 99 tips on living to 100 with me. Although eating and good nutrition play a part in longevity there are a few other things we can do to live strong and long. Which of these are you doing? Also please note that all 99 of these tips encourages YOU to do something not wait for someone to do it for you.

Unlock your mind. Shoot for the moon. Practice patience. Watch your weight. Catch a firefly. Clear the clutter. Play tag. Tango as a twosome. Fish for fun. Talk with a teen. Lighten someone’s load. Laugh aloud. Be spontaneous. Master technology. Seek wisdom. Trash the tobacco. Plant a tree. Count your cholesterol. Walk the mall. Wish on a star. Love thy neighbor. Stay in control. Ask about aspirin. Get in gear-volunteer. Munch an apple. Lift weights. Solve a puzzle. Search for hidden treasure. Run the treadmill. Create a masterpiece. Believe in miracles. Seek shade. Toss a salad. Jump rope. Fooey on fats. Escape with a book. Turn off the TV. Dance to the beat. Sing out loud. Hold Hands. Quit liquor. Cut caffeine. Picnic in the park. Whistle a tune. Drink your water. Fill up on fiber. Learn from your grandkids. Stay on your toes. Find the big dipper. Surprise a friend. Play outdoors. Drive responsibly. Glory in gardening. Go to a movie. Slow down on salt. Fasten your seatbelt. Pamper yourself. Date your spouse. Dare to dress flashy. Golf with gusto. Swim like a fish. Invent a new game. Bone up on calcium. Be a good buddy. Re-read the classics. Rejoice at the sunrise. Fly a kite. Do self exams. Meditate to music. Keep a journal. Try tai-chi. Bike to the bank. Overcome fears. Pet your pet. Dare to dream. Fly a balloon. Throw a snowball. Laugh out loud. Do what the doc says. Write your memoirs. Get your eyes checked. Stretch those limbs. Watch out for scams. Forgive and forget. Add spices to your life. Shoot the flu bug. Memorize a poem. Show up for checkups. Respect the sun. Stand up straight. Don’t choke on smoke. Focus on food labels. Catch up on sleep. Surf the internet. Relish the rain. Heave ho heavy woes. Bless your abundance. Celebrate simplicity. Look for love in all places. Down with blood pressure. Celebrate differences. Welcome change. Take a hike. Savor the sunset. Believe in yourself. Live it up.  

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