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Friday, November 18, 2011

Back In The Saddle

I have been on somewhat of a hiatus from writing these past few weeks. Perhaps for no other reason than to clear my own mind of the never ending battle of ideas with health ideologues whose aim it seems is to stamp out personal liberty in order to achieve their dream of some sort of health utopia.

I have climbed back in the saddle just in time to see that the nutrition leftists have not taken a rest. The most recent example comes from Great Britain where the government recently disbanded an obesity advisory panel prompting moans and groans from public health elitists on both sides of the great pond.

The advisory panel assembled by the previous administration in Great Britain was supposed to guide the government toward better strategies for obesity interventions. Much more than simply making recommendations on how to maintain a healthy diet this panel sought to change food environment, which really means take away freedom of choice, and counter food industry marketing, which really means blame corporations because a few people are fat.

What is refreshing is that the socialist government of the old country seems to have gotten a nudge in the “right” direction. Someone in that government came to their senses and realized that central authoritarian control of the lives of every citizen is impossible. Moreover concern over what people eat or what their waist size is not a functional concern of government.

So kudos to whoever is making some clear headed decisions across the pond. I would only request that you make your next stop Washington DC!    

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